Ul Multiple Listing Agreement

d. Test location (large items can be tested by mutual agreement with you) UL SPAN>SE> B>> P>> UL FONT> SPAN> product certification services, audit services can be subdivided into names, recognition and classification.1 LISTEThe listing in general applies only to complete products and qualified personnel in the field, to replace or install a variety of devices and facilities, FONT> SPAN>UL FONT> SPAN>Out of Service are a variety of products, including: appliances, medical devices, medical devices, computers, commercial equipment, as well as the building role of all types of electrical products, such as electricity distribution system, fuses, wires, switches and other electrical components and so on. By FONT> SPAN>UL FONT> SPAN>listing products, each product is normally identified by THE FONT> SPAN>UL FONT> SPAN> FONT style – « FONT-SIZE: 9pt » > character of the list. Out the use of characters. FONT> FONT> SPAN> SPAN>> FONT> SPAN>) FONT> SPAN>recognized FONT> SPAN>( FONT> SPAN>Recognized FONT> SPAN>): FONT> SPAN>Authorized service is FONT> SPAN>UL FONT>>>>>> SPAN> Je nach Produkt, basierend auf dem Prüfprüfer Hinweise FONT> SPAN>(Bulletin) FONT> SPAN>, FONT> Regeln FONT> SPAN>(Verfahren) FONT> SPAN>, FONT> SPAN>FUII FONT> SPAN>(Falls ja, in den Regeln enthalten) und FONT> SPAN>UL FONT> SPAN>Standard (wenn FONT>SPAN>>> SPAN>Wenn die Inspektoren das Werk besuchen, ist die Fabrik die Produktion von FONT> SPAN>UL FONT> SPAN>Products oder Lager FONT> SPAN>UL FONT> SPAN>Produktinspektor wird eine der folgenden Möglichkeiten testen:1. Gesammelt von der Produktionslinie zusammen mit den verschiedenen Komponenten aus dem Lager eines kompletten Produkts genommen. FONT> FONT> SPAN> SPAN>2. FONT> SPAN>> FONT> SPAN> collected the integrity of the product with the production line. FONT> FONT> SPAN> SPAN>3. FONT> SPAN> FONT> SPAN>Complete Warehouse product for shared models. SPAN>The number of samples determined by specific details, FONT> SPAN>FUII FONT> SPAN> (Tracking TestAnweisungen), FONT> SPAN>SAP FONT> (standard joint) or FONT> SPAN>UL FONT> SPAN> the direct control of the laboratory.

Not every inspector tests all products, but they will do their best in a year or at least two years of testing the entire product category or model. SPAN>In general> SPAN> UL FONT> SPAN> the requirements of the factory production system are not too high, only once a year on instruments and appliances, run the factory inspection records, as well as non-compliant products may be some control options. The crime scene investigation on behalf of (FONT> SPAN>UL SPAN> Examiner) will focus on the product itself, they will check the structure of the products, components and assembly in accordance with the above. With regard to parts safety, the general rules are specified in the application for THE FONT> SPAN>UL FONT> SPAN> certified products and will indicate the manufacturer and model; for shells, shields, such as molded parts. B by injection, are indicated under normal conditions under raw material and size conditions.